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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chris Davies: Crocodile Tears

Poor Chris Davies. Seems that it's Israel that is to blame for his anti-semitic outbursts.,,1770727,00.html

My favorite line is how despair motivates suicide bombers. Gee Chris I guess the 72 Virgins, $50,000 dollar cash 'memorial', and the terrorist support network which provides the bombs and direction really has nothing to do with it.

Closer to home, just how desperate where the 7/7 terrorists? How many meals had they missed? How deprived they must have been!

When are people like Chris Davies going to see Suicide Bombing for what it is? A crime of hate.



Blogger Trickish Knave said...

Actually, I think Chris Davies is right. It is despair that motivates jihadists to suicide bomb.

What would you do if you belonged to a religion that treats women like shit, forces its followers to live in the Dark Ages, and admonishes, by way of the Koran, to kill all people who don't believe in the sham of a prophet The Big "M"?

I'd kill myself too.

One for another
Moussaoui is a tool

12:46 am  
Blogger lighterate said...

I did not like the play about Rachel Corrie because it was not dramatic. I questioned her reasons for being in Palestine because she is an American and America is so in need of activists to cure it of its own evils.

But for you to call that young woman a dead terrorist is an indication of your humanity.

You're a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself. If you cannot distinguish between a political terrorist and a political activist - if you think anyone who supports Palestine is a terrorist, well, I can only pity you.

you're a sad and lonely person I think.


1:52 pm  
Blogger -canuck- said...

^i suppose what i should do is put down in words while i feel that rachel corried died a terrorist. thanks for the idea.

7:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:47 am  
Blogger -canuck- said...

^thanks for the link.

12:26 am  
Blogger MissingLink said...

Rachel Corrie is dead and she was a terrorist.
Which part of it couldn't lighterate grasp?
Political activism Hezbollah style.

12:42 am  
Blogger -canuck- said...

^one only has to read the ISM websites to understand what their real mandate is.....but most moonbats would rather believe the moonbat hype.

12:45 am  
Blogger Canadi-anna said...

Yup, there's always some excuse for murder and mayhem.

If you plan to keep up with the blogging, I'll post a link.
Let me know.

12:36 am  
Blogger the stereotype said...

i'm sure despair can be a motivator for a suicide bomber, but hate is the main one. i would imagine a depressed person who blames their problems on other people groups is a candidate more prone to becoming a suicide bomber...and the thought of getting 72 vigins and a death pension helps too. so, i guess he's justified in saying that despair is a motivator, but it is not an excuse for hate and murder. i don't care how sad these guys may or may not be, i'm not going to pity them. a depressed murderer is still a murderer.

4:38 am  
Blogger -canuck- said...

^i agree with what you say....but the suicide bomber does not act alone....there are bomb and control officers (the network of terrorism) that supports their murderous missions.....

for the support and command terrorists.....hate is the motivator...

6:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

72 vrigins and a death pension is simply a pile of bullshit. statistically speaking, the largest deployment of suicide bombers has been by secular nationalist forces- the tamil tigers in sri lanka. in the sri lankan case, as with cases in palestine and lebanon, resistance groups who provide weapons, training as well as things like social services, also provide money for the families of martyrs. people arent killing themselves in non-occupied countries for silly pie-in the-sjy reasons. theyre trying to achieve political goals. while many suicide bombers may be driven by hate (and why not, given the daily conditions many live with in the occupied territories for instance) many are also driven by a sense of duty to avenge crimes against their nation/family/etc, and, as such, sacrifice their own lives. in a broader sense, suicide bombing as a phenomenon is most often directly linked to military occupation by foregn powers. check out 'dying to win' by Robert Pape

5:58 am  
Blogger -canuck- said...

^killing yourself along with others to achieve political (if you can call hate a political platform) goals....sounds like terrorism. which occupied country were the 7/7 bombers from?

12:22 pm  
Blogger desire said...

True .. culdnt be more specific

3:06 pm  

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